Environmentally Sensitive Gardens

SimpLee Gardens creates spaces with ecological diversity —a key to natural pest control— so that your gardens are child- and pet-safe and don’t require pesticides to maintain their beauty.

My company and those I work with use only environmentally sensitive practices, which means we

  • recycle

  • do not use pesticides

  • use an ecological approach to pest control

  • use natural mulches

  • use turf alternatives and limit the use of high-maintenance turf

  • use plants appropriate for site conditions

  • recapture rainwater to use on thirsty plants.

My associated companies and I believe that we’re the first line in environmental health. We work at creating garden spaces that make people happy to reduce their expanses of high-maintenance lawns, and the chemicals used to maintain them. These practices eliminate chemicals in run-off after a rain that would otherwise make their way to streams and lakes and, ultimately, our drinking water.

Not only will you feel good within your garden, you’ll feel good about it.