Estate Grounds

This beautifully appointed estate had a pool, but the owners felt it lacked privacy and intimacy. It begged for areas for play and sizzle, and areas for quiet reflection when then children went to bed after a big party day at the pool.

Image 1

Before: Large grounds and a very visible pool.

After: A lush, colourful garden…with a private pool.
Image 2

Before: rough ground with potential.

After: Potential now realized with colour and grace.
Image 3

Before:The path and cabana and bare ground…

After: The cabana and pathway are graced by colour and texture, even though in shade most of the day.
Image 4

Before: The pool deck and pool dominated the view from the house.

After: A garden of graceful grasses and floriferous easy-care roses framed by boxwood create a foreground for the pool.
Image 5

Before: Near the house...

After: Colour, texture, planters…all in the shade.
Image 6

Before: Little privacy at poolside.

After: Colour & privacy-in-the-making at poolside...Intimacy and a peaceful white garden near the hot tub.(centre)
Image 7

Before: Barren back doors.

After: Back doors framed with colour and texture.